Lost and found

There she is
Where is she?
Gone, she’s gone
There she is
She was just around the corner
Hidden in a nook
My legs walked towards her
I didn’t even have to look
Because I knew
She would be
Hidden in the nook
The nook of my brain


Thought Catalog

Mila Kunis is beautiful, smart, funny, a gamer, and she gives hilarious, strong interviews with the press, generally. She’s shut someone down in Russian on behalf of co-star Justin Timberlake, showed true knowledge of World of Warcraft, and agreed to go to the Marine Corp ball with a military man fan. But no one gets awesomeness out of Mila Kunis like this recent reporter.

A nervous Hugh Grant-a-like admits his nerves to Mila during the press tour for her new film, “Oz the Great and Powerful.” As soon as he does, Kunis derails the interview and gets him talking about his quirky mates down at the pub, his favorite alcoholic beverage and his local football club.

Chris Stark of Radio 1 starts off asking Kunis about her role as Theodora in “Oz” but Kunis is more interested in having a normal conversation. Even when directed by a publicist off-camera to…

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