What are my views on the world?

One thing they definitely are is contradicting. To me the world is a beautiful place at times, while it’s also a terrible place to live in. Just think about the many things that (I think) are wrong here. Starvation, suppression, bullying, communism, wars, homophobia, the pressure of being skinny, how men have to be tough and muscular and how having lots of sex is cool for them, how women need to show off skin – but not too much because god forbid how awful -, how having a lot of sex is slutty, how people are too concerned with other people’s lives, how mental health is underestimated and I could go on and on. Let’s not forget the good and positive things though: having supportive friends (and family), airplanes and other transport, mountains and nature in general, being able to get an education, films and series, science, freedom of speech, music (!), games, being able to fantasize, tolerance, education, food and so on. I have to admit that I actually had a much harder time thinking of positive things, but maybe that’s something I lack: positive thinking. As I was typing this I was slowly realizing that the things I was listing are things that only wealthy, Western or “free” countries have. I can’t get around the fact that there are so many people living in misery, in fear and insecurity. Whether it’s because it’s not sure if they’ll have food the next day, have a mental disorder or illness (yes, I’m comparing these two. They’re both bad things happening in completely different worlds), have to live in fear because of being bullied, because they can’t be honest about their sexuality. This one goes to the heart and I count myself so lucky to live in a half-tolerant environment towards queer people. I can’t not think about these things though and I haven’t figured out how people can be completely happy when there are so many things wrong. Maybe I should accept the world as it is, embrace it and live by its “rules” and expectations. But somehow, that feels wrong.

My opinion on people. I’ll warn you because it’s influenced by years of bad experience, recent good experiences as well as studying Psychology. As my methodology teacher told us, people are ignorant. We humans think we’re smart but actually, we’re not at all. We’re bad at thinking logically, reasoning syllogistically and I could go on. We want to have control but we’re not in control of ourselves, seeing as lots of things are in our genes and are influenced by the environment we live in. My high school caused me having a deformed reality of humans: people are bad, judgmental, everyone is like in high school and people won’t like you until you have cool party hardy stories. The truth is that people are actually judgmental. We can’t help it, we just judge but I believe you can control to which extent you judge people. I’d love to be able to say that I don’t judge people but I do. It’s safe to say that I’m not too judgmental though. I couldn’t care less what people do with their life, how they dress, what they look like. It’s all about your personality in the end. Now that I’ve started university I found out that people will like you. They’ll like you for who you are, they’ll accept you and people are nice and kind and you don’t have to be “cool”. Basically there are just so many different people: we’re all snowflakes remember (excuse me for being cliche here).

Well. I’m not sure if my views on this world make any sense at all. But who ever said they had to make sense?


One comment

  1. Interesting my friend. Its sad but true this world scares the crap out of me, but we are a part of it and got to make the best of it.

    Your view does make sense, if everyone took themselves out of the little things and looked at the bigger picture, most things would make sense.

    Great post.

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