Going someplace else is such a great way to forget about things, to forget about all worries and daily life and forget everybody and everything: escapism. Visiting another country where no one knows who you are, it’s like a fresh start, except it won’t last for long. You’ll see and meet people and you don’t have to think that much about how you behave or look like since you won’t ever see them again. What people think of me is something that always worries me, I wish it wasn’t and I tried to change it and it did get a little less, but I guess I’m not one of those people, you know. One of the things I like about visiting another country is the language difference because it gives me the feeling of being somewhere else even more. I love being away from home, I like not seeing my friends, not worrying, not thinking too much, not having stress and I wish I could just go away. Anyway, that’s probably the overused wanderlust. It’s wonderful how only being somewhere else can make you forget about 90% of your worries and things. Even a visit to my grandma who lives an hour drive away can make me forget about some stuff, for a little while and going away for a weekend with my whole family (with my cousins and second cousins and aunt and uncle and grandma) is one of the best things as well. You can’t stay in those places forever though, you spend most of your time at ”home” and I guess it’s most important to feel okay (happy, whatever you want to call it) there. I suppose only feeling okay on holidays isn’t fine since holidays aren’t ‘reality’. I still have to work on that then.

Excuse my thoughts.

Places, places, places


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