If there’s anything that’ll remind me of this summer than it has to be this song, not the original though, the remix of it. During one of the sports classes, ”Combat”, which is basically punching and kicking in the air but actually really challenging, especially when it’s hot (like 30 degrees Celsius). Okay and ugh Katie gave that class and this was the main song of Combat and during Combat me and my dad were at the front and I was standing right in front of Katie and like almost face to face (so when we were ”fighting” I pretended to hit her :’)). It was probably when I realised that I liked her or something, I liked her before that though but I guess that was when I realised and I don’t know, oh well. Anyways writing this isn’t making it easy to forget about her, it only reminds me and makes me think :’). I only want to write it down so I don’t forget. That’s contradictory since I want to forget but at the same time this thing is part of my life and it’s like some kind of process-thing I have to go through? So happily proceeding, this whole part that only should’ve been about this video is going to be elongated by the description of what Katie looks like and all that. Okay so she wasn’t tall, brown hair, like 23 years old probably and maybe a bit older, a beautiful smile and beautiful face and my mum, dad and brother made fun of her voice and everything but I liked her voice :’) (oh god). Also she was really really funny and so lovely (repeating myself here I already wrote this in the post I wrote yesterday). She’s like the perfect person to give Bootcamp and stuff, she really pushes you but in a really good way ;3. How awful that I like this person I’m never going to see again (I hope she keeps working there because I absolutely loved it there and I want to go back so badly). I also feel like a creep since I don’t know her and by now she has long forgotten my existence, how pathetic am I. I can’t help it though, it’s what I feel and I can’t turn it off so yeah and liking someone is a beautiful thing and better than hating someone and okay. Let’s not read this back in a few weeks because I might hit myself in the face a hundred times of embarrassment about the way I write things down and exaggerate them (even though I really really am not exaggerating things right now, it just looks that way when you read things back, it really does, because right now all this is how I feel about it in this moment and in a few weeks I’m going to think how stupid I am)

Summer video


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