It was my birthday June 29th and I’m 18 now and it’s super weird. My birthday was actually pretty awful because I had to work and work was terrible this time but okay :c. Today or yesterday because it’s 2:26 am now, we celebrated our birthday for our family and all my family was there :). My grandma, aunt, uncle, Charlotte, Suzanne, Mark, Alex, Judith, Bep and of course my second cousins Levi, Lisa, Tijn and Mylo :3. I spent the whole time talking to Levi and Mark (my cousin, so Levi’s dad). Levi wanted to sit next to me and we ate sat under a blanket together and we had the most impossible conversations. He wanted to sit next to me all the time and we talked about silly things like he said he was Sinterklaas (it’s the Dutch Santa Claus but different) and we would buy a house and a car only we’d be allowed to live in it and we would make pie and pizza as big as a football field and we played football with my cousin and brother and him and he’s the cutest thing ever okay and I wish he was my little brother. We ate pizza together and aw THE CUTEST THING WAS WHEN THEY WERE ABOUT TO LEAVE. I went to their car to say goodbye and Levi was like: byeeee..then he stopped and it was like he wanted to say a word after that. Suzanne was like: what did you want to say? 😛 and Levi was like goodbye darling (in Dutch though, he said: doei schattebout like twice or three times) and THEN HE SAID: Bye pineapple. I can’t even. He is so so so so so so so cute and aw I wish we saw each other more often. Mark told me Levi always asks about Dylan and I, not about Charlotte and Stefanie. It’s so great to receive love from a 3 year old and that he thinks about you and prefers you over the others. It is so weird but that means more to me than just one of my friends thinking about me because children’s love is pure I think, I don’t know..