Thing in Portuguese for Sara

I wrote this thing in portuguese for Sara and I’m going to post in on my tumblr tomorrow :3. This is it:

”Sara this is to you :3

Você é o melhor e linda e gentil e fantástica e eu amo-te.
Estou tão tão tão tão feliz que nós somos amigas e você é uma amiga fantástica.

Okay I tried to translate it so I hope I don’t sound brazilian and didn’t write weird things :’) This is so you know how awesome you are and you’re beautiful and wonderful and never forget it okay :)”

And she reblogged it and added this then:
I’m crying okay, I’m so happy I’m crying. Ik hou van je Ik hou van je Ik hou van je Ik hou van je 
and some tags: #it’s brasilian #but i don’t even care #i love you #oh god  #you’re perfect #34

I love her so much I really do and I know she loves me. She tells me such sweet things. I wish I could see her for real. If we talk on skype one day I hope so much we like each other and then we just have to meet for real.


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