Work today wooooh

Okay so I work at a supermarket and we’re going into a new building and we become an AH XL so we’re much bigger now. Everybody (refillers and cashiers) had to help with filling the products in to the new building. There’s this girl, Iris, who’s in Dylan’s class and I already saw her yesterday but I was afraid to talk to her and I was standing like 10 cm away from her but awkward me you know. But today we were in the same refilling “group” so I thought okay now go say hi to her and I was like: hi, you’re Iris right…? She was like: yeah! And I: oh yeah okay so I’m Valesca đŸ™‚ and she told me she already thought so and she’s honestly so nice! I worked with her the rest of the whole evening! She’s a cashier though so I won’t be seeing her much but you know it’s funny :3. I don’t like the new supermarket that much though, it’s so big :/


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