Okay so Sara is “going to do such a special thing”. Oh god what is she going to do for my birthday I just really really want to know it. I’m going to give her a keychain from London, that’s one. Of course a birthday card. I need to do something more, but I just don’t know what. I can’t draw or anything. Sara can draw. If I could I would definitely do that :(. Sara loves the Beatles so I kind of want to do something with that…she also loves The Smiths, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, The Black Keys and a lot of movies. And Game of Thrones of course. I want to give her something that means something to me. So when I think about it, I’ll know it’s with someone I love and a piece of me is there. A picture maybe, a bracelet, a keychain, a sticker, a card, a pencil, anything. Maybe something related to drawing. A childhood drawing. A pokemon card (no). Just something something something. I have to look in my box of childhood stuff.


I’m so so so so happy

They’d start calling at 11.45 and mrs. Calis called me at 11.48, while I was on the toilet :’). I seriously didn’t expect it because I got only 14 out of 79 points on my maths exam and that’s a grade between 1.8 and 3.6, I got a 3.4 in the end and that’s pretty good :’) Seriously the ”norm” is the thing that saved me here. I was like 90 percent convinced I wasn’t going to graduate :’). Sara, Alysa, Kajal, Alicia, Charity and seriously everybody (except my parents) believed I would graduate and I DID!!! 😀

It made me feel a bit sad that my mum and dad really really thought I’d fail. They were like looking at different schools and community colleges and everything. They were worried of course but it shows they really didn’t have faith or something…I’m being stupid again but oh well

Thing in Portuguese for Sara

I wrote this thing in portuguese for Sara and I’m going to post in on my tumblr tomorrow :3. This is it:

”Sara this is to you :3

Você é o melhor e linda e gentil e fantástica e eu amo-te.
Estou tão tão tão tão feliz que nós somos amigas e você é uma amiga fantástica.

Okay I tried to translate it so I hope I don’t sound brazilian and didn’t write weird things :’) This is so you know how awesome you are and you’re beautiful and wonderful and never forget it okay :)”

And she reblogged it and added this then:
I’m crying okay, I’m so happy I’m crying. Ik hou van je Ik hou van je Ik hou van je Ik hou van je 
and some tags: #it’s brasilian #but i don’t even care #i love you #oh god  #you’re perfect #34

I love her so much I really do and I know she loves me. She tells me such sweet things. I wish I could see her for real. If we talk on skype one day I hope so much we like each other and then we just have to meet for real.

Work today wooooh

Okay so I work at a supermarket and we’re going into a new building and we become an AH XL so we’re much bigger now. Everybody (refillers and cashiers) had to help with filling the products in to the new building. There’s this girl, Iris, who’s in Dylan’s class and I already saw her yesterday but I was afraid to talk to her and I was standing like 10 cm away from her but awkward me you know. But today we were in the same refilling “group” so I thought okay now go say hi to her and I was like: hi, you’re Iris right…? She was like: yeah! And I: oh yeah okay so I’m Valesca 🙂 and she told me she already thought so and she’s honestly so nice! I worked with her the rest of the whole evening! She’s a cashier though so I won’t be seeing her much but you know it’s funny :3. I don’t like the new supermarket that much though, it’s so big :/


Okay so i’m going to talk to Ashton again but you know i’m going to go on msn and let her talk to me because no i’m never going to start the conversation again. If she wants to speak to me she should start the conversation so yeah. Wow i’m in such a bad mood. I hope i don’t wake up to be honest. Sigh, i’m serious right now. I wouldn’t mind not waking up. I just can’t. Nobody needs me and if i disappeared it just wouldn’t matter and i’m just not essential in anybody’s life. If i wasn’t here, it wouldn’t affect anybody in any way.