Ashton was going to “check her email”, I thought she’d send me something back but no she still hasn’t sent me anything and also no message on tumblr. Sigh. Seriously, she’s doing it again. How fucking hard is it to only send back an email or send me a message saying she won’t be online or whatever. I don’t understand okay. I fucking can’t.
This needs to stop. I don’t want to be waiting any longer. I hate that she’s a wonderful person but she’s making up stupid excuses. I was forgetting about her and suddenly she’s here and messes everything up with me and I just can’t. Sara sent me a message and she shows she cares but Ashton just completely ignores me and disappears off the earth or something and I just can’t okay. Honestly it’s not getting to me anymore, it’s just incredibly annoying and jesus christ she said she was going to check her email, “I promise” um seriously don’t make promises if you can’t keep them.


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