Okay Sara wasn’t responding to my messages and I know she only does that when she feels bad which is pretty often but I don’t mind okay because I know she has reasons for it. So she sent me this:

”You don’t need to reply but this is just me saying I’m sorry and I really do love you but I’m having a hard time loving people but it has nothing to do with you because you’re such an amazing and lovely and sweet person that I shouldn’t be like this to you but I’m having a hard time and I just can’t and I’m so sorry. I’ll come back to you I swear just give me a couple of days of even hours I don’t know. I love you and you’re so beautiful and you’ll do great on your exams. Sorry :(” 

Aw my heart dropped, it’s actually probably one of the nicest things someone has ever said to me and I replied to it and I told her she should message me when she feels better. She hasn’t messaged me yet. I want to send her something, I want her to know I didn’t forget her and I’m going to write something like:

Okay maybe I shouldn’t send you this and you don’t have to reply but I want to tell you that I do miss talking to you. You one time said you think you’re not the kind of person someone tells: hey i miss talking to you, but you are that kind of person to me and I only want you to know that I’m not forgetting you that’s all and I’m so sorry if I bothered you with this okay but I had to ):

I’ll send this to her if she hasn’t sent me anything tomorrow.

I’m not mad at her for not talking to me, it only hurts that she feels so bad and I want her to feel okay and not have a hard time. I can’t be angry at her because she sent me this and it shows that she cares and she means it I just know she does. She’s so wonderful seriously.

Sara sara


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