Okay I had a weird but interesting dream, not nice though and I want to write it down before I forget most of it

We were at a zoo, me,  my mum and dad an brother probably, and also and i’m sure of that, my grandma from Munich was there. We went to the lions, we were very close at the gate. The was something weird because my grandma suddenly was inside the cage of the lion, there was only one lion. My grandma walked there, she came near the gate, near the bars and she stood there and said something to us. I saw the lion running towards her and i probably screamed something like WATCH OUT !! My grandma is so small i was scared the lion would eat her in one bite and that happened. The lion grabbed her head and lifted her off the ground and he ate her whole body without chewing. Then later i think more people of my family died but i can’t remember it. Next setting was at work, at the supermarket. I was with Kajal and Alicia. There was someone being killed and Said killed that someone, i think it was Jorry but i’m not sure it also could have been Charity. I remember someone, Alicia i think had this wound, a large cut on the side of her stomach/belly and Said did that. Kajal and I were looking for Said and we were telling everybody what happened and we were wondering why he did that and we tried to find Said. That’s all I can remember, I also remember waking up a few times and talking to myself and half crying because of the people who died. It was quite weird.


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