Suddenly I see her online on msn, all this time she wasn’t and now that she read this email she is. It’s so weird and I don’t understand. I’m not going to spend time on this now though, I have to prepare for my final exams and it’s more important than Ashton. I wonder if she ever ever ever thought about me, I don’t think so because if she did she would’ve messaged me. And her excuse that it had to do with studying, you can’t be that busy that you don’t have time to send a message you know that’s just not possible. If you really really want to talk to someone, you send them a message, that’s exactly what I did. And exactly what she didn’t do. Of course I can forgive her, she hopes I can forgive her and I can, I hope I can start to like her again because if I’d talk to her right now I wouldn’t be all that nice, or at least it wouldn’t be like it used to. I really notice now that I have a hard time trusting people once they’ve done things like this. When I get attached to people and when they leave me I start to dislike them and I also dislike myself for getting attached.


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