Mindfuck nr.3

Ashton replied to my email. I don’t know. I just typed some things and saved it as a draft. This is honestly confusing. Why does some girl on the fucking internet mess with my mind so much. I don’t understand you know. I don’t know how to proper reply to this. If I am going to be friends with her again, is she going to disappear for another few months or? I can’t deal with this now, I need to focus on my final exams. And in 5 years, will we still be friends or is she just a memory? That’s the thing that scares me. It scares me in my friendship with Sara too, I really want to meet her and I think it’s going to happen, really. Sara was like it’s meant to be and the universe and everything wants us to be friends and meet each other. I kind of believe in that, our messages never ever get lost which is so weird because it happens to everyone I talk to, but not with us and how weird as it seems I kind of believe that that’s a sign or something. This was supposed to be about Ashton’s answer to my mail but oh well I always lose track of things.


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