Mindfuck okay

Lovely day with my best friend, we ate pizza, played games on the wii, it was great 🙂 She left, I felt sad of course like usually. I went on tumblr. Ashton suddenly on my dash like what hey let me reappear and give me a heart attack. Reblogs from me, doesn’t talk to me, awkward. It made me feel so bad seeing her on my dash. I decided to send her an email, because I’m done with not knowing what to expect: is she going to talk to me? Is she ignoring me? Did she not receive my messages and email? Does she even care? Are we ever going to talk again and be friends or what. Like no i’m not waiting for that and i won’t let her in my life and i’m just never going to talk to her again because why should i. It’s going to get me hurt again you know. So it’s a goodbye email. I told her thank you for being my friend and I hope she’s happy and will be the rest of her life. The last sentence I wrote wasn’t all that nice though. It was: ”Maybe I’ve embarrassed myself now but whatever you because won’t respond, so bye, I hope you’re well.” Not too nice but hey. I have closure now which is nice :). Awkward btw, i wanted to block her on tumblr, but i had no idea you would immediately unfollow someone then, so yeah i followed her again i hope she won’t notice :’)


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