I wouldn’t say she replaced Ashton, but oh oh wait she did actually :’). Sara and I have a different friendship though, but lovely, I kind of feel like I can be more myself around her, I don’t know, it’s good. When I talked to Ashton there was more pressure to keep the conversation going, it was like everytime I talked to her it was as if I met her for the first time, sort of, there’s a word for it which I can’t think of right now. Sara is 15, she lives in Portugal and her birthday is on June 30th. The age difference really doesn’t matter, I don’t notice anything. Aw we have a great friendship. And I feel I start caring for her more more more more and more by the day. We both want to meet each other, god I hope I get to meet her. I hope so so so so bad that we get alone in real life, if we ever meet. Internet friendships scare me, it didn’t work out with Ashton, what if this fails too? But I have her Facebook so I can stalk her, even if we don’t use Tumblr anymore you know. Please, please, please let this friendship last long.

Difference in friendship with Sara. While I just typed this sentence I’m thinking what am I even doing why compare two people it doesn’t make sense like what why. I’m going to do it anyway though, because I want to make clear why this friendship could work and why it could work so.

– Sara actually wants to meet me and so do I
– We fangirl over the same things: football, Game of Thrones
– We both like each other as friends and we talk about how cool it would be if we were watching football together and things
– I can be myself around her, like (almost) completely and talk about things and it’s not as if I meet her for the first time everytime I talk to her because that’s what it was like with Ashton.
– I can type in Caps Lock without it being awkward
– No pressure to keep a conversation going
– This is what our friendship is like and we started talking only 2 months ago 😮


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