Have no idea what title i should give this

Tumblr friends mean more to me than real life friends. And I’m sure my best friend doesn’t care about me, or she’s too awkward to start the conversation and ask me about it. Because I know she reads my texts posts, I just know she does and don’t tell me she accidently didn’t read this one. Fgs strangers care more about me.

Emily (a.k.a deciso) sent me the cutest thing today. She made this post on which people could reply:”Can someone be my best friend?” I replied: “i will be : )” because I just can’t stand it, her friends don’t care about her and it’s just awful you know. I really wish I could be her best friend, I think I have a crush on her lol, but whatever. Right after I replied, she sent me this: “you’re like my best tumblr friend if you didn’t live so far away i wish you could be my real best friend : (” And that really, really breaks my heart. God if I lived near her I could at least make her life a bit more bearable, she’s sad so often and I just wish she had a best friend who could make her feel better, happy or just that she feels someone cares about her because I really really do : (. Jfc why don’t I live near her, I want to help her but I can’t.

You know tumblr makes me sad sometimes because there are lots of people feeling sad and seeing others/people sad makes me sad and i wish there was something i could do to take their sadness away but i can’t.

Also, memory fades so quickly. When you haven’t spoken to someone in a month/in a long time, you almost forget what that person was like.


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