Okay so there’s this person I was attached to, sort of I guess. I don’t know if I liked this person. But what if you haven’t seen someone in almost a year, you don’t really spend time thinking about them but sometimes it does pop up in your mind, you’re wondering how they’re doing. Then suddenly you hear their name, your heartbeat raises and you become extremely nervous. When you see them, it becomes worse and all you want is to give them a hug and spend some time with them, talk to them, ask them how they’re doing. What does that mean? Does that mean you like someone, that you’re IN LOVE with someone? It’s not the usual way you would react if it was just ‘someone’ that you didn’t care for, or didn’t have feelings for right? It’s just not the usual way you’d react to seeing a person you haven’t seen in a while. Still, you can go months without thinking about them and in one split second there’s this weird nervous feeling and you’re longing to talk to them. I don’t know if this means that you like someone, still like someone.


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