I found out why, or at least I think I did

I think i know why i have those negative feelings toward asht. It’s not even hate, its just this feeling like: “omg im mad at you ffs WHY” i think its because im scared to lose her as a friend i guess. Or im mad because we’re just not talking anymore..it basically sucks. This shows i still care because if i wouldn’t care about her anymore i wouldn’t even be writing and rambling about it. I can feel our friendship becoming less and less. I also feel like she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore, she’s barely on tumblr anymore and then she doesn’t even bother to write me a message on tumblr (yes i know that’s because the messages keep getting lost and stuff but still). Hm 😦 its a mixed feeling of completely not caring and being mad, irritated and caring. I dont know if i still want to be friends i feel like she doesnt care at all. Im always the one who cares too much but doesnt know how to show it. She always leaves me on msn without saying a word. And one of the worst feelings is when someone is just not responding anymore. I feel like i cant care about her anymore until we start talking more often. Her msn hasn’t been working properly…that’s why i guess :c


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