Ah new friends :)

Look, since I haven’t been talking to Ashton lately, ive been talking to a few other people on tumblr. I guess i can call four other people my tumblr friends. Becca, Ciara, Sara, Sarah and Paige. Becca’s so lovely, she’s 15 years old now. She has a girlfriend, Mia, who started following me recently (which made me incredibly happy) but their relationship isnt going well. Mia is ignoring becca and she acts like she doesnt care about her anymore. It really breaks my heart 😦 becca told me how she really doesnt want to lose her, how she hopes she still loves her but that she really doesn’t know if she still does. It’s so awful to see her sad, she doesnt deserve that. She thinks its probably because of mia’s medication, theyve already argued about mia making her upset once and becca doesnt want to hurt mia by telling her that she’s making her upset again. You can just tell that she really cares about her. It’s adorable but so so so sad. I think she should tell mia though because its really not a good thing that she’s upset all the time 😦 becca showed mia her personal blog in which she wrote how she felt about all this, but mia didnt really seem to care. Mia sounds/sounded like such a lovely person before i didnt know this. They are so cute together though i really hope everything gets better between them i really cant stand it if people are sad, it makes me sad immediately 😦


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