I got myself a job!

About three months ago, even a bit longer I think, I handed in my application form and the girl behind the desk told me they would call me in two or three weeks. After four weeks I still hadn’t received a phone call. I decided to stop by and ask why they hadn’t call me yet. The guy behind the desk said that I had to write down my name and phone number, so I did. After two weeks I went on vacation and still, I hadn’t received a phone call. I figured that it wasn’t useful to stop by again, since I was going on vacation next week. When I got back home, I decided to call instead of stopping by again. The woman I was talking to was very kind, she said that she would take care of it right away and she even apologised for the fact that I had to wait so long! She sounded like she wasn’t very young, so I had good hope this time. Usually the girls who are behind this desk are very young and they don’t take it very seriously (not all of them, of course). I once had a bad experience with one of these girls. After three days I finally got a call! I made an appointment for last Wednesday, simply just yesterday ;p. So I had my job interview and they hired me ;D. I have a half-year contract and it can be prolonged after these six months, when they are happy with me. This is my first real job! Till last year I was a paper-girl, but I don’t consider that as a real job since there is almost no money in it. Next Wednesday will be my first day, I can’t wait to make money. By the way it’s also very frightening for me, meeting new people and so on. Oh well, just a step closer to my goal to overcome my fear for new people. The problem with me is that I’m not afraid  for ”new” adults, but more for people of my own age. That will hopefully change after I meet new people who are not the same as the people at my school (:.


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