Monday I went to the GP and there is no difference in the length of my two legs; he measured my legs but I still don’t trust it to be quite honest. The doctor said that I have something which is a very common knee problem and it often occurs to girls my age. It’s called ”patellofemoral pain syndrome”. He said that I have this, but he doesn’t know it for sure of course. To be honest, I think that this is just a quick diagnosis and that the GP just abstained me. I wonder if they say this to every girl my age? What if there is a serious problem with ones knee? The GP told me that the patellofemoral pain syndrome disappears automatically, but on the internet I found all kind of exercises and I find it quite weird that my GP didn’t mention any of these. There is no cure or solution for this; the only thing that helps is exercising your quadriceps (and even then it’s not a guaranty that you will be ”cured”). It reminded me of an article that I had to read for school. It was about GP and other doctors and about the internet. It was about that people can find everything on the internet these days and whether they need a GP. Well, I think you need a GP to ”diagnose” the problem you have, but I find it weird that they give you so little information. If I knew I had this patellofemoral pain syndrome, I wouldn’t need my GP because the internet gives you so much more answers. In fact, everything I know about it, I found on the internet. Oh yeah, that reminds me: the GP also said that my back is (a bit? can’t remember) crooked and that my shoulders crooked (do you say crooked in this case?) because of that, I guess. He didn’t say anything about it, isn’t that also a bit weird? Maybe it’s my own fault because I didn’t ask anything about it. But what if it gets worse when I grow older. I don’t think it’s a good thing that my back is crooked. I know why it is crooked though, I think. It’s because of my bad posture; I used to walk with my shoulders hanging down. I don’t do that any more though, since last year. My father found this therapy centre; ”Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Centre” which is specialized in the locomotor system and postures etc. I think I will give that a try. I tried to call today, but I found out that they don’t answer the phone on Friday – only the answering machine – so I’m going to call Monday. Hope that it doesn’t take too long before I can make an appointment.


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