Rock Your Life Challenge #5: How Attractive Do You Think You Are?

This is the 5th challenge. Challenge number 4 is the ”Wake Up!” Challenge, which I have been doing for two days now. This is the challenge which I had been looking forward to, and it’s also a challenge I wish I that wasn’t necessary for me ;p.

This week’s challenge: Expanding Your Definition of Beauty and Self Worth.

Step One: Think about the people that you admire (they don’t have to be people that you actually know), and make a list of their names.

Step Two: What are the qualities and characteristics that these people exude? (The qualities that make you admire them).

Step Three: Identify which of those qualities and characteristics you also possess.

Step Four: This week, allow yourself to demonstrate some of these qualities. (Allow yourself to show the world how magnificent you are!)


Step One: The people that I admire:
– Sia (Furler)
– Michael Jackson
– Zuzana, from BodyRock
– Oprah Winfrey (sort of)
– Gandhi

Step Two:
Sia: From what I can make up out of interviews and her tweets; she cares a lot about animals and people, she is very sensitive and has a great sense of humour. Also, she doesn’t like attention and after a concert the things she wants most is to just go back and be with her dogs. Also: positive, outgoing (I think), genuine, a great friend, not afraid to be herself, childlike.
Michael Jackson: I don’t know what’s up with all the sexual abuse-cases, and I don’t care. I already have respect for him because he never had a childhood and if all these stories are true, it’s no wonder that he turned out (a bit) weird. Characteristics: sweet, funny, shy
Zuzana: In her videos, she comes across as very sweet and funny. And I think she has a lot of  confidence; I would never make a video of myself with so little clothes on. And I think you need a lot of discipline to stick with your diet and workouts.
Oprah Winfrey: It’s not so much that I admire her, but I saw an interview with her last week and I didn’t know all these things before. She wanted to be an actor (I believe) first and she worked at a radio station, but she was fired. She said something like: I was black, couldn’t sing etc etc (something like that) but she didn’t gave up (perseverance) and in the end she got her own talk show. It’s more that she is inspiring. I also find it great that she helps a lot of people with her show.
Gandhi: Not afraid of being himself, not afraid of speaking out what he stands for, caring, against violence, perseverance.

Step Three:
Sweet (even though I can’t show it always because I think that people find it weird or something + I’m shy), sensitive, I don’t like attention, genuine, sometimes childlike, caring, I try to be a great friend but I don’t really like social things so I find it hard to maintain a friendship, against violence, I love animals, I care a lot about people (I can’t be rude to people without feeling very guilty), I have been called cute a few times by some people at my school, so I guess I kind of own that characteristic too? The last few weeks show that I have discipline and perseverance – with not eating candy and stuff.

Step Four: I’ll try – no I will just do it!


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