The Eneco Tour – Prologue

Today I went to the Prologue of the Eneco Tour in Amersfoort with my family. I didn’t intend on going there, but my brother asked if I would go along. Why not? I thought. I didn’t plan on doing anything else today. A Prologue apparently is a Time Trail or the first day of a Tour (it could also be something completely different). Last year there also was a stage of the Eneco Tour near where I live and I went there, but that was a ”normal” stage. This was a Time Trail so you could see all the cyclist warm up and you could see them very close. You could almost touch them! I don’t know much about cycling, although I like to watch the Tour de France. I know the most famous cyclist. Fletcha, Greipel, Lars Boom, Tankink, Boasson Hagen (♥), Gilbert and Westra were the only ones I knew. Boasson Hagen finished second, too bad he didn’t win. I really hoped he would win, but second is also very good (:. My brother (again) took some pictures:

No idea who this is, but it is a cool picture (:

I don’t know who this is either, but you really see how hard it is what this guy is doing. Beautiful action-picture imo.

Finally, someone I know: Philippe Gilbert. As you can see his jersey displays the flag of Belgium: he is the champion of Belgium

This are two pictures of Edvald Boasson Hagen ♥. He is the time trail champion of Norway. Btw, Norway is such a beautiful country. I went there two years ago and it’s the most beautiful country I have ever seen.


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