Rock Your Life – Challenge #3

Time To Roar: Facing Your Fears
Hmm, I found this pretty hard. Well, let’s say my goal is to become less shy, less scared of strangers etc.

Step 1: One thing that is holding you back from your goal
Fear and thinking + worrying too much.

Step 2: What can help me deal with this obstacle?
Just do things and don’t think too much about it, and I shouldn’t worry about things so much. It could help if I went travelling alone, without anybody. Well, at least without parents. F.e do voluntary work in Africa, because that means that I have to to talk to strangers and it could help me to deal with my fear of strangers and could make me automatically less shy. Also, voluntary work is awesome because you do something good for other people and it’s a good life experience!

Step 3: How can I reward myself?
I dunno. Buy something nice. Clothes, a game..or maybe AN IPOD! My iPod doesn’t work very good anymore and it has way too little space for all my songs (4GB). I’m thinking of getting an iPod Classic (160GB). An iPod Touch is too expensive for the amount of space it has, I think. It has got WiFi and other functions though.

Step 4: DO IT!
I will. Travelling alone really sounds like a good idea. First I want to travel with my best friend, to London or something (:.


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