Rock Your Life – Challenge #2

Step 1:
Imagine you are already the person you wish to be— living the life you wish to live. Describe what this would be like for a day, (from morning to night). Include as much detail as you like.

Step 2:
Try to identify one incredibly loving and generous thing/activity* that you would do for yourself (as you have imagined yourself, above), and do it.

Special Instructions for Step 2 (activity):
Approach this activity* with as much mindfulness as you can— focus only on the activity, and pay attention to every detail of your experience as you are doing it. Use your senses to really help you stay with your experience (i.e. notice taste, sight, smell, and touch). Try not to analyse your experience, just notice it. If you catch yourself thinking, come back to your body—your physical experience.

Step 3:
When you are finished, write a short paragraph describing what this experience was like for you.
This is the second Rock Your Life Challenge and I haven’t done this before because I had no idea what my perfect life would look like. Now, I do have an idea, sort of. Here it is.
Step One:

My day will go as follows: I’m waking up in a house in with the most beautiful view ever, maybe in Australia or Norway. I have or don’t have a boyfriend, but whether or not I have one, I am completely happy with myself. I am still in touch with my best friend and I also have other nice friends. I don’t have problems with my legs any more and I have bought Nike Ladies Free 3.0 V3, with which I can run in with my arch support. I’m putting on my Nike Frees and I just go for a walk, to get used to them. The weather is beautiful, around 23 degrees. I am walking somewhere in a national park. In the beginning there are a few people but at some point there are no people at all and I reach a viewing point and it is completely silent. After that hike I am meeting my best friend and we go shopping or something. We go to McDonald’s for some ice cream because that is where we always go to when we meet (sort of tradition). After that I’m going for dinner with my family and eat ice cream, because I haven’t eaten candy for over two weeks. When I’m home I will watch some television and go to sleep.

Step Two:
I will go out for dinner tonight.

Step Three:
I just came back and the ice cream was delicious (:. The rest of the food was also very tasty, but I already knew that because we have been there already two times.


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