Rock Your Life – Challenge #1

Step 1: What things have I accomplished in my life, where I am proud of?
I’m not sure if I can think of a lot of things, but I will try my best (:
I’m proud of…
– the fact that my school gave me a very low advice for my school level, and in the end I started doing the second highest level (the only difference with the highest is that they have Latin/Greek, but the rest is 100 percent the same), and I am still doing this now, and next year is my last year in high school!
– my FCE Cambridge diploma. I also did my CAE, but I don’t know the results of that yet
– EDIT 7/8/2011: I got back home today and I can finally check my results on the internet (I forgot the paper with the ID + secret number) AND I MADE IT! I passed it with a C, the lowest you can pass with, HOWEVER, I have a score from 72 out of 100 and that is so close to a B (from 75 to 79). If only I had three points extra haha. I am so happy I made it, because I really wasn’t sure of it.
– that I went one school level down one year ago (for two weeks) because I thought I wouldn’t make it. After two weeks I went back because I didn’t like it and maybe I could still do it. And I did, I passed that year and failed only one subject; maths, which has always been my problem subject.
– the fact that I passed this year so good; didn’t fail one subject, not even maths. Only in first class I didn’t fail maths, and all these year up until now, I failed maths. I haven’t passed a year this good since first class (:
– my application at the supermarket. They haven’t called me back yet, even though it has been for two months that I handed in the application form. I will go to the supermarket and ask for a second time, because I have to get this job. I will persevere!
– the fact that I survive my school.
– my being less shy and a little less scared of strange people.
– starting with BodyRock, living healthier and keeping up with it! This really is my new lifestyle.
– seriously doing my best for school since 4th grade of high school
– not eating candy for the past two weeks – and I will continue with it.

Step 2: Qualities and characteristics that you possessed or developed that allowed you to accomplish these things.
– My intelligence – everything concerning school.
– Perseverance.
– Discipline.
– Bravery.
– Don’t think too much, but just do it.
– I developed being less shy.

Step 3: Describing who you are, what you like to do and what you care about.
I am ”not gonna tell you my name (ha)”. I like reading, though only when it is a good book. Also, I like gaming from time to time (Final Fantasy, Pokémon). I find it hard to say ”no” to people because I feel guilty when I do. I really really really really want to graduate next year; I will do absolutely everything about it. I don’t know what I want to study yet.  I think Psychology is very interesting, but also very very very hard – I don’t follow Biology and I follow the lowest Maths you can follow; I do have Statistics and find it pretty hard – and you will need Statistics so hard when studying Psychology. Also it is very useful when you have had Biology because you are going to examine the brain etc (very interesting though ;D). My Spanish teacher told me that her daughter didn’t have Biology, which made it very hard for her, and she came home crying because she found it so hard and in the end she quit the study. That kind of stories scare me, especially now when the government is making cuts in Education – you will have to pay a fine when you quit a study or something like that – it’s getting so much more expensive to study and it’s not that I am so rich that I/my family can afford it. Maybe I’m taking a  gap year; work and travel. One thing I really want to do is voluntary work in Afrika, Tanzania and I want, no have, to go to Australia. I have seen so much beautiful pictures from Australia and a few relatives live there in Adelaide. I care a lot about people and animals. I care about what people think of me (unfortunately). I just can’t be blunt/rude to people, I feel so guilty afterwards – except to my parents and twin-brother, but I think everybody has that. I want to believe more in myself, be less insecure and I think I can reach it if I continue with BodyRocking (:.


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