BodyRock Challenge

Recently, started a new challenge: ”Rock Your Life”. Every week there is a new challenge. As I said before, I’m BodyRocking together with my best friend. These challenges are very personal, especially the last one is very personal and I don’t feel confident enough to post it – even not to share it with my best friend. Of course I trust her and I’m so lucky to have someone like her, who has almost the same interests as me (our personalities differ of course, but we also have a lot in common). It’s just that I’m too insecure. I’m going to write the challenges here, probably not all of them, but the most personal ones.

This isn’t a personal one, but since I was too lazy to write it down, I’m writing it right now!

Wake Up!
Step One: Every morning when you wake up, before you get out of bed, spend a moment identifying at least ten things that you are grateful for in your life.

Step Two: Pick one activity to be fully mindful of (i.e. drinking your coffee, or walking the dog), and pay attention to how you feel inside your body as you do it.

Step Three: Do one kind thing for someone else today (i.e. hold a door open for the next person, tell someone they look nice, or smile at someone).

Step Four: Before you go to sleep, list ten things that you are grateful for—write them down, if possible.

Repeat everyday for the next week, and notice the difference in the quality of your life and your relationships.

I have done this for a couple of days, but I didn’t write it down.Yesterday I did one:

August 4th, 2011
Step 1:  – I have enough food, unlike the people in Horn of Africa at this moment
– My parents are happily together
– I have a brother, so I’m not alone all the time. Like an only child.
– There is (good) medical care in my country, which means that I can do something about my legs
– My brains are good enough to get a good job (I think)
– I have internet, which allows me to BodyRock and type this!
– I can read and write. A lot of people in the world can’t =/.
– My family has enough money; we don’t have any troubles considering money.
– I have a nice house with a proper bed
– I have clean water (hygiene)

Step 2: I did it yesterday while walking. My body felt good, although a little muscle pain from a workout I did. I’m not sure if you have to pay attention on how you feel inside, whether you feel sad, happy or something. I think I felt pretty happy, although I’m never really happy, just because I almost always feel uneasy.

Step 3: I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but I feel like I already do something nice for someone everyday. Today I gave my last piece of apple pie to my dad because he loves pie so much.

Step 4: I guess that Step One is also Step Four, but you don’t actually have to write it down.
1. I have toothpaste (with fluoride).
2. I have never witnessed a war. I was watching a interview with Kim Phuc, the girl from the famous Vietnam War picture. Almost her whole body is burned due to napalm (Agent Orange). This is the picture:

3. I’m grateful for my clothes. When it’s winter I have the clothes to keep me warm.
4. My father who know so much about workouts. He can help me to do f.e. a push up with proper form
5. Music. I can enjoy music so much and just forget and don’t listen to anything/anybody around me. Plus, it can make me feel better (:
6. Books. You can go totally lose yourself (in a good way of course) in a book and forget everything.
7. Grateful for my perseverance. I haven’t eaten candy for two weeks and I even don’t feel the need to eat candy!
8. Grateful for the person(s), but especially one person, who made me less shy.
9. Thankful for meeting my best friend. There is nobody who has almost exactly the same interest as me.
10. Grateful for all the inventors, who invented electricity, cures for diseases etc.


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