Rock my body and life!

Gymnastics was my first sport ever. I started when I was five, I think. I didn’t enjoy it because I don’t like doing things like a somersault, handstand and everything in that direction. I quit doing it after two years. The next sport was judo. I started when I was six or seven. My friend, I call her Cloud, which I know since kindergarten started with judo also. Judo was so nice and we had a lot of friends and we so much fun. When I was eleven I quit judo and started with athletics. Athletics includes running, hurdle race, high jump etc. A little less friends, but still fun, in the beginning. When I was twelve I went to high school and I had a really busy life – homework, tests – so I didn’t feel like going anymore. In the end, I also stopped with athletics. The only exercise for me was school-gymnastics. Sometimes, me and my best friend went running in the weekends, but we didn’t keep going on with it for long.  Six months ago, my best friend and I started ”Body Rocking”. It is a site where a woman does all kind of daily workouts which you can do at home. The workouts are short, but also very intense. I really enjoy doing them and you feel the results so quickly. When, especially after, doing these workouts, my knee hurt. I thought that it wasn’t anything I should be worried about. One time (a month ago) my knee hurt really bad, so I stopped doing the workouts. I thought a little rest would be best. I started again and my knee didn’t hurt, so I was pretty relieved. However, after three days of workouts, the pain got even worse than before. That was the week when I went on vacation. I was quite sad because I wanted to do a lot of workouts because I can do them outside. My dad showed me some exercises and I said that I had the feeling as if my right leg was longer than my left, because I supported so much more on my right leg. He took a look at it and indeed, my right leg was longer, which explains why my knee hurts so bad. My mom said that there had always been something with my right leg. It could be that my hip joint is crooked, or that my left leg is just simply shorter, which means that I will be needing arch support. I don’t know anything yet, so I can’t conclude anything. I will go to the GP as soon as I get home, which is Monday. Lol, I hope I’m not fully deformed or worn out or something!

One thing I started with this vacation is to not eat candy. And I really stick to it! I even don’t feel the need to eat candy or bad things ;D. I will really make this my new lifestyle. No candy, do workouts at least five times a week (after I’ve been to the GP/hospital or wherever I need to go to) and the changes will be quick. Even now, when not doing a lot of workouts, I feel better. Plus, I already noticed that my condition has become better. When we were cycling (it’s a bit hilly here and I used to find this really hard) I noticed that I didn’t became tired at all and I could cycle a lot faster. I was even faster than both my parents, which has never been the case! That made me feel so good and was the prove that these workouts really help. I can recommend it to anybody by the way (:. As soon as I got this thing with my leg sorted out, I’m going to workout so die-hard and eat super healthy!! ;D.


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