A visit to the Apenheul

Yesterday, July the 31th, me and my family went to the Apenheul in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands). I’m pretty old, and I have never been to a zoo with my family, so it’s kind of special. Plus I love animals. Also, it’s been five years that I went to the zoo. The Apenheul is an unique zoo: it’s specialized in monkeys and apes and there are also monkeys that roam freely among the people! It was a long and exhausted day, but I had fun. There are so many different kinds of monkeys/apes. My brother took all the pictures. I will show my favourite ones below:

This are two squirrel monkeys (doodshoofdaapjes in Dutch). They roam freely among the visitors and I think that they are really cute. Also, they are very curious and this picture depicts it perfectly! ;D

Here you see a wild guinea pig. One woman cried out: ”Look, what an ugly animal!” I was kinda surprised: I don’t find them ugly at all!

Two gorillas: a mother and her child. The most beautiful picture my brother took.

This is the long-nosed monkey. The coolest and weirdest monkey I have ever seen. This might not be the best picture taken, but it’s such a special creature. In total there are three of them in the Apenheul. Too bad that they were inside – they are propably not allowed to go outside yet, since they just arrived here.

While we were watching these monkeys, these two started to fight. I can’t remember what these monkeys are called, but I like it that you can see the brown-red monkey bites the black monkey in the hand. Looks pretty painful haha.

We went to the ”Bongo Round” at half past four in the afternoon, because all the gorillas were someone on their isle where they couldn’t be seen. During the Bongo Round, the gorillas are being fed. It seems that it is the only way to see all the gorillas because most of them are hidden somewhere on their island. This is the silverback gorilla Jambo. And I think you can guess that this is the leader of the gorillas. He looks so mighty and peaceful. So amazing to see it up close!


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