Monday I went to the GP and there is no difference in the length of my two legs; he measured my legs but I still don’t trust it to be quite honest. The doctor said that I have something which is a very common knee problem and it often occurs to girls my age. It’s called ”patellofemoral pain syndrome”. He said that I have this, but he doesn’t know it for sure of course. To be honest, I think that this is just a quick diagnosis and that the GP just abstained me. I wonder if they say this to every girl my age? What if there is a serious problem with ones knee? The GP told me that the patellofemoral pain syndrome disappears automatically, but on the internet I found all kind of exercises and I find it quite weird that my GP didn’t mention any of these. There is no cure or solution for this; the only thing that helps is exercising your quadriceps (and even then it’s not a guaranty that you will be ”cured”). It reminded me of an article that I had to read for school. It was about GP and other doctors and about the internet. It was about that people can find everything on the internet these days and whether they need a GP. Well, I think you need a GP to ”diagnose” the problem you have, but I find it weird that they give you so little information. If I knew I had this patellofemoral pain syndrome, I wouldn’t need my GP because the internet gives you so much more answers. In fact, everything I know about it, I found on the internet. Oh yeah, that reminds me: the GP also said that my back is (a bit? can’t remember) crooked and that my shoulders crooked (do you say crooked in this case?) because of that, I guess. He didn’t say anything about it, isn’t that also a bit weird? Maybe it’s my own fault because I didn’t ask anything about it. But what if it gets worse when I grow older. I don’t think it’s a good thing that my back is crooked. I know why it is crooked though, I think. It’s because of my bad posture; I used to walk with my shoulders hanging down. I don’t do that any more though, since last year. My father found this therapy centre; ”Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Centre” which is specialized in the locomotor system and postures etc. I think I will give that a try. I tried to call today, but I found out that they don’t answer the phone on Friday – only the answering machine – so I’m going to call Monday. Hope that it doesn’t take too long before I can make an appointment.


The Eneco Tour – Prologue

Today I went to the Prologue of the Eneco Tour in Amersfoort with my family. I didn’t intend on going there, but my brother asked if I would go along. Why not? I thought. I didn’t plan on doing anything else today. A Prologue apparently is a Time Trail or the first day of a Tour (it could also be something completely different). Last year there also was a stage of the Eneco Tour near where I live and I went there, but that was a ”normal” stage. This was a Time Trail so you could see all the cyclist warm up and you could see them very close. You could almost touch them! I don’t know much about cycling, although I like to watch the Tour de France. I know the most famous cyclist. Fletcha, Greipel, Lars Boom, Tankink, Boasson Hagen (♥), Gilbert and Westra were the only ones I knew. Boasson Hagen finished second, too bad he didn’t win. I really hoped he would win, but second is also very good (:. My brother (again) took some pictures:

No idea who this is, but it is a cool picture (:

I don’t know who this is either, but you really see how hard it is what this guy is doing. Beautiful action-picture imo.

Finally, someone I know: Philippe Gilbert. As you can see his jersey displays the flag of Belgium: he is the champion of Belgium

This are two pictures of Edvald Boasson Hagen ♥. He is the time trail champion of Norway. Btw, Norway is such a beautiful country. I went there two years ago and it’s the most beautiful country I have ever seen.

Rock Your Life Challenge #5: How Attractive Do You Think You Are?

This is the 5th challenge. Challenge number 4 is the ”Wake Up!” Challenge, which I have been doing for two days now. This is the challenge which I had been looking forward to, and it’s also a challenge I wish I that wasn’t necessary for me ;p.

This week’s challenge: Expanding Your Definition of Beauty and Self Worth.

Step One: Think about the people that you admire (they don’t have to be people that you actually know), and make a list of their names.

Step Two: What are the qualities and characteristics that these people exude? (The qualities that make you admire them).

Step Three: Identify which of those qualities and characteristics you also possess.

Step Four: This week, allow yourself to demonstrate some of these qualities. (Allow yourself to show the world how magnificent you are!)


Step One: The people that I admire:
– Sia (Furler)
– Michael Jackson
– Zuzana, from BodyRock
– Oprah Winfrey (sort of)
– Gandhi

Step Two:
Sia: From what I can make up out of interviews and her tweets; she cares a lot about animals and people, she is very sensitive and has a great sense of humour. Also, she doesn’t like attention and after a concert the things she wants most is to just go back and be with her dogs. Also: positive, outgoing (I think), genuine, a great friend, not afraid to be herself, childlike.
Michael Jackson: I don’t know what’s up with all the sexual abuse-cases, and I don’t care. I already have respect for him because he never had a childhood and if all these stories are true, it’s no wonder that he turned out (a bit) weird. Characteristics: sweet, funny, shy
Zuzana: In her videos, she comes across as very sweet and funny. And I think she has a lot of  confidence; I would never make a video of myself with so little clothes on. And I think you need a lot of discipline to stick with your diet and workouts.
Oprah Winfrey: It’s not so much that I admire her, but I saw an interview with her last week and I didn’t know all these things before. She wanted to be an actor (I believe) first and she worked at a radio station, but she was fired. She said something like: I was black, couldn’t sing etc etc (something like that) but she didn’t gave up (perseverance) and in the end she got her own talk show. It’s more that she is inspiring. I also find it great that she helps a lot of people with her show.
Gandhi: Not afraid of being himself, not afraid of speaking out what he stands for, caring, against violence, perseverance.

Step Three:
Sweet (even though I can’t show it always because I think that people find it weird or something + I’m shy), sensitive, I don’t like attention, genuine, sometimes childlike, caring, I try to be a great friend but I don’t really like social things so I find it hard to maintain a friendship, against violence, I love animals, I care a lot about people (I can’t be rude to people without feeling very guilty), I have been called cute a few times by some people at my school, so I guess I kind of own that characteristic too? The last few weeks show that I have discipline and perseverance – with not eating candy and stuff.

Step Four: I’ll try – no I will just do it!

Wake Up! Day 2

Wake Up!

Step One: Every morning when you wake up, before you get out of bed, spend a moment identifying at least ten things that you are grateful for in your life.
I have a hard time doing this in the morning; I can’t think properly then.

Step Two: Pick one activity to be fully mindful of (i.e. drinking your coffee, or walking the dog), and pay attention to how you feel inside your body as you do it.
I did this while drinking wine. My body felt pretty good, but I have a pain in my lower back. And I felt quite sad because I was listening to an emotional song and I’m tired.

Step Three: Do one kind thing for someone else today (i.e. hold a door open for the next person, tell someone they look nice, or smile at someone).
I told someone how the tap in the restaurant toilet worked, because she was having a hard time with it. I must admit that it was pretty hard to figure out

Step Four: Before you go to sleep, list ten things that you are grateful for—write them down, if possible.
– Thankful for my iPod. I can totally isolate myself from everything and music cheers me up!
– Grateful for this blog. I can write down everything here, without anyone knowing me.
– Thankful for water bottles – I can carry my water with me everywhere ^^.
– Thankful for my cellphone.
– Grateful for some people at my school. Though they aren’t friends, they are so nice to me and I will miss them when I graduate…even though I sort of hate my school. Lol, love-hate relation ;p. Sometimes I really like my school, but then again, I hate it because everybody is so different and I can’t be myself.
– Thankful for living a pretty easy life. I didn’t have to deal with dying relatives who were very close to me. Well, my grandfather died but I was still very young and a good friend of my mother died from cancer, but I didn’t saw him that often.
– Thankful for being able to go on vacation
– Grateful for Michael Jackson (yes, indeed, I am kind of a fan). Because he made me realize that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the tabloids or see on tv. The tabloids write so much b*llshit.
– Thankful for barefoot running shoes; I want to buy the Nike Frees 3.0 V3
– Grateful for being able to sleep until 12 o’ clock in the afternoon and to be honest, we don’t have strict rules at home. My mom knows someone and her kids have to get up at 9 o’ clock in the morning EVERY DAY! Even during the vacations, just because the father wants it.

Repeat everyday for the next week, and notice the difference in the quality of your life and your relationships. This was day 2. Five days left to do this.

Rock Your Life – Challenge #3

Time To Roar: Facing Your Fears
Hmm, I found this pretty hard. Well, let’s say my goal is to become less shy, less scared of strangers etc.

Step 1: One thing that is holding you back from your goal
Fear and thinking + worrying too much.

Step 2: What can help me deal with this obstacle?
Just do things and don’t think too much about it, and I shouldn’t worry about things so much. It could help if I went travelling alone, without anybody. Well, at least without parents. F.e do voluntary work in Africa, because that means that I have to to talk to strangers and it could help me to deal with my fear of strangers and could make me automatically less shy. Also, voluntary work is awesome because you do something good for other people and it’s a good life experience!

Step 3: How can I reward myself?
I dunno. Buy something nice. Clothes, a game..or maybe AN IPOD! My iPod doesn’t work very good anymore and it has way too little space for all my songs (4GB). I’m thinking of getting an iPod Classic (160GB). An iPod Touch is too expensive for the amount of space it has, I think. It has got WiFi and other functions though.

Step 4: DO IT!
I will. Travelling alone really sounds like a good idea. First I want to travel with my best friend, to London or something (:.

Rock Your Life – Challenge #2

Step 1:
Imagine you are already the person you wish to be— living the life you wish to live. Describe what this would be like for a day, (from morning to night). Include as much detail as you like.

Step 2:
Try to identify one incredibly loving and generous thing/activity* that you would do for yourself (as you have imagined yourself, above), and do it.

Special Instructions for Step 2 (activity):
Approach this activity* with as much mindfulness as you can— focus only on the activity, and pay attention to every detail of your experience as you are doing it. Use your senses to really help you stay with your experience (i.e. notice taste, sight, smell, and touch). Try not to analyse your experience, just notice it. If you catch yourself thinking, come back to your body—your physical experience.

Step 3:
When you are finished, write a short paragraph describing what this experience was like for you.
This is the second Rock Your Life Challenge and I haven’t done this before because I had no idea what my perfect life would look like. Now, I do have an idea, sort of. Here it is.
Step One:

My day will go as follows: I’m waking up in a house in with the most beautiful view ever, maybe in Australia or Norway. I have or don’t have a boyfriend, but whether or not I have one, I am completely happy with myself. I am still in touch with my best friend and I also have other nice friends. I don’t have problems with my legs any more and I have bought Nike Ladies Free 3.0 V3, with which I can run in with my arch support. I’m putting on my Nike Frees and I just go for a walk, to get used to them. The weather is beautiful, around 23 degrees. I am walking somewhere in a national park. In the beginning there are a few people but at some point there are no people at all and I reach a viewing point and it is completely silent. After that hike I am meeting my best friend and we go shopping or something. We go to McDonald’s for some ice cream because that is where we always go to when we meet (sort of tradition). After that I’m going for dinner with my family and eat ice cream, because I haven’t eaten candy for over two weeks. When I’m home I will watch some television and go to sleep.

Step Two:
I will go out for dinner tonight.

Step Three:
I just came back and the ice cream was delicious (:. The rest of the food was also very tasty, but I already knew that because we have been there already two times.

Rock Your Life – Challenge #1

Step 1: What things have I accomplished in my life, where I am proud of?
I’m not sure if I can think of a lot of things, but I will try my best (:
I’m proud of…
– the fact that my school gave me a very low advice for my school level, and in the end I started doing the second highest level (the only difference with the highest is that they have Latin/Greek, but the rest is 100 percent the same), and I am still doing this now, and next year is my last year in high school!
– my FCE Cambridge diploma. I also did my CAE, but I don’t know the results of that yet
– EDIT 7/8/2011: I got back home today and I can finally check my results on the internet (I forgot the paper with the ID + secret number) AND I MADE IT! I passed it with a C, the lowest you can pass with, HOWEVER, I have a score from 72 out of 100 and that is so close to a B (from 75 to 79). If only I had three points extra haha. I am so happy I made it, because I really wasn’t sure of it.
– that I went one school level down one year ago (for two weeks) because I thought I wouldn’t make it. After two weeks I went back because I didn’t like it and maybe I could still do it. And I did, I passed that year and failed only one subject; maths, which has always been my problem subject.
– the fact that I passed this year so good; didn’t fail one subject, not even maths. Only in first class I didn’t fail maths, and all these year up until now, I failed maths. I haven’t passed a year this good since first class (:
– my application at the supermarket. They haven’t called me back yet, even though it has been for two months that I handed in the application form. I will go to the supermarket and ask for a second time, because I have to get this job. I will persevere!
– the fact that I survive my school.
– my being less shy and a little less scared of strange people.
– starting with BodyRock, living healthier and keeping up with it! This really is my new lifestyle.
– seriously doing my best for school since 4th grade of high school
– not eating candy for the past two weeks – and I will continue with it.

Step 2: Qualities and characteristics that you possessed or developed that allowed you to accomplish these things.
– My intelligence – everything concerning school.
– Perseverance.
– Discipline.
– Bravery.
– Don’t think too much, but just do it.
– I developed being less shy.

Step 3: Describing who you are, what you like to do and what you care about.
I am ”not gonna tell you my name (ha)”. I like reading, though only when it is a good book. Also, I like gaming from time to time (Final Fantasy, Pokémon). I find it hard to say ”no” to people because I feel guilty when I do. I really really really really want to graduate next year; I will do absolutely everything about it. I don’t know what I want to study yet.  I think Psychology is very interesting, but also very very very hard – I don’t follow Biology and I follow the lowest Maths you can follow; I do have Statistics and find it pretty hard – and you will need Statistics so hard when studying Psychology. Also it is very useful when you have had Biology because you are going to examine the brain etc (very interesting though ;D). My Spanish teacher told me that her daughter didn’t have Biology, which made it very hard for her, and she came home crying because she found it so hard and in the end she quit the study. That kind of stories scare me, especially now when the government is making cuts in Education – you will have to pay a fine when you quit a study or something like that – it’s getting so much more expensive to study and it’s not that I am so rich that I/my family can afford it. Maybe I’m taking a  gap year; work and travel. One thing I really want to do is voluntary work in Afrika, Tanzania and I want, no have, to go to Australia. I have seen so much beautiful pictures from Australia and a few relatives live there in Adelaide. I care a lot about people and animals. I care about what people think of me (unfortunately). I just can’t be blunt/rude to people, I feel so guilty afterwards – except to my parents and twin-brother, but I think everybody has that. I want to believe more in myself, be less insecure and I think I can reach it if I continue with BodyRocking (:.

BodyRock Challenge

Recently, BodyRock.tv started a new challenge: ”Rock Your Life”. Every week there is a new challenge. As I said before, I’m BodyRocking together with my best friend. These challenges are very personal, especially the last one is very personal and I don’t feel confident enough to post it – even not to share it with my best friend. Of course I trust her and I’m so lucky to have someone like her, who has almost the same interests as me (our personalities differ of course, but we also have a lot in common). It’s just that I’m too insecure. I’m going to write the challenges here, probably not all of them, but the most personal ones.

This isn’t a personal one, but since I was too lazy to write it down, I’m writing it right now!

Wake Up!
Step One: Every morning when you wake up, before you get out of bed, spend a moment identifying at least ten things that you are grateful for in your life.

Step Two: Pick one activity to be fully mindful of (i.e. drinking your coffee, or walking the dog), and pay attention to how you feel inside your body as you do it.

Step Three: Do one kind thing for someone else today (i.e. hold a door open for the next person, tell someone they look nice, or smile at someone).

Step Four: Before you go to sleep, list ten things that you are grateful for—write them down, if possible.

Repeat everyday for the next week, and notice the difference in the quality of your life and your relationships.

I have done this for a couple of days, but I didn’t write it down.Yesterday I did one:

August 4th, 2011
Step 1:  – I have enough food, unlike the people in Horn of Africa at this moment
– My parents are happily together
– I have a brother, so I’m not alone all the time. Like an only child.
– There is (good) medical care in my country, which means that I can do something about my legs
– My brains are good enough to get a good job (I think)
– I have internet, which allows me to BodyRock and type this!
– I can read and write. A lot of people in the world can’t =/.
– My family has enough money; we don’t have any troubles considering money.
– I have a nice house with a proper bed
– I have clean water (hygiene)

Step 2: I did it yesterday while walking. My body felt good, although a little muscle pain from a workout I did. I’m not sure if you have to pay attention on how you feel inside, whether you feel sad, happy or something. I think I felt pretty happy, although I’m never really happy, just because I almost always feel uneasy.

Step 3: I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but I feel like I already do something nice for someone everyday. Today I gave my last piece of apple pie to my dad because he loves pie so much.

Step 4: I guess that Step One is also Step Four, but you don’t actually have to write it down.
1. I have toothpaste (with fluoride).
2. I have never witnessed a war. I was watching a interview with Kim Phuc, the girl from the famous Vietnam War picture. Almost her whole body is burned due to napalm (Agent Orange). This is the picture:

3. I’m grateful for my clothes. When it’s winter I have the clothes to keep me warm.
4. My father who know so much about workouts. He can help me to do f.e. a push up with proper form
5. Music. I can enjoy music so much and just forget and don’t listen to anything/anybody around me. Plus, it can make me feel better (:
6. Books. You can go totally lose yourself (in a good way of course) in a book and forget everything.
7. Grateful for my perseverance. I haven’t eaten candy for two weeks and I even don’t feel the need to eat candy!
8. Grateful for the person(s), but especially one person, who made me less shy.
9. Thankful for meeting my best friend. There is nobody who has almost exactly the same interest as me.
10. Grateful for all the inventors, who invented electricity, cures for diseases etc.

Rock my body and life!

Gymnastics was my first sport ever. I started when I was five, I think. I didn’t enjoy it because I don’t like doing things like a somersault, handstand and everything in that direction. I quit doing it after two years. The next sport was judo. I started when I was six or seven. My friend, I call her Cloud, which I know since kindergarten started with judo also. Judo was so nice and we had a lot of friends and we so much fun. When I was eleven I quit judo and started with athletics. Athletics includes running, hurdle race, high jump etc. A little less friends, but still fun, in the beginning. When I was twelve I went to high school and I had a really busy life – homework, tests – so I didn’t feel like going anymore. In the end, I also stopped with athletics. The only exercise for me was school-gymnastics. Sometimes, me and my best friend went running in the weekends, but we didn’t keep going on with it for long.  Six months ago, my best friend and I started ”Body Rocking”. It is a site where a woman does all kind of daily workouts which you can do at home. The workouts are short, but also very intense. I really enjoy doing them and you feel the results so quickly. When, especially after, doing these workouts, my knee hurt. I thought that it wasn’t anything I should be worried about. One time (a month ago) my knee hurt really bad, so I stopped doing the workouts. I thought a little rest would be best. I started again and my knee didn’t hurt, so I was pretty relieved. However, after three days of workouts, the pain got even worse than before. That was the week when I went on vacation. I was quite sad because I wanted to do a lot of workouts because I can do them outside. My dad showed me some exercises and I said that I had the feeling as if my right leg was longer than my left, because I supported so much more on my right leg. He took a look at it and indeed, my right leg was longer, which explains why my knee hurts so bad. My mom said that there had always been something with my right leg. It could be that my hip joint is crooked, or that my left leg is just simply shorter, which means that I will be needing arch support. I don’t know anything yet, so I can’t conclude anything. I will go to the GP as soon as I get home, which is Monday. Lol, I hope I’m not fully deformed or worn out or something!

One thing I started with this vacation is to not eat candy. And I really stick to it! I even don’t feel the need to eat candy or bad things ;D. I will really make this my new lifestyle. No candy, do workouts at least five times a week (after I’ve been to the GP/hospital or wherever I need to go to) and the changes will be quick. Even now, when not doing a lot of workouts, I feel better. Plus, I already noticed that my condition has become better. When we were cycling (it’s a bit hilly here and I used to find this really hard) I noticed that I didn’t became tired at all and I could cycle a lot faster. I was even faster than both my parents, which has never been the case! That made me feel so good and was the prove that these workouts really help. I can recommend it to anybody by the way (:. As soon as I got this thing with my leg sorted out, I’m going to workout so die-hard and eat super healthy!! ;D.

A visit to the Apenheul

Yesterday, July the 31th, me and my family went to the Apenheul in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands). I’m pretty old, and I have never been to a zoo with my family, so it’s kind of special. Plus I love animals. Also, it’s been five years that I went to the zoo. The Apenheul is an unique zoo: it’s specialized in monkeys and apes and there are also monkeys that roam freely among the people! It was a long and exhausted day, but I had fun. There are so many different kinds of monkeys/apes. My brother took all the pictures. I will show my favourite ones below:

This are two squirrel monkeys (doodshoofdaapjes in Dutch). They roam freely among the visitors and I think that they are really cute. Also, they are very curious and this picture depicts it perfectly! ;D

Here you see a wild guinea pig. One woman cried out: ”Look, what an ugly animal!” I was kinda surprised: I don’t find them ugly at all!

Two gorillas: a mother and her child. The most beautiful picture my brother took.

This is the long-nosed monkey. The coolest and weirdest monkey I have ever seen. This might not be the best picture taken, but it’s such a special creature. In total there are three of them in the Apenheul. Too bad that they were inside – they are propably not allowed to go outside yet, since they just arrived here.

While we were watching these monkeys, these two started to fight. I can’t remember what these monkeys are called, but I like it that you can see the brown-red monkey bites the black monkey in the hand. Looks pretty painful haha.

We went to the ”Bongo Round” at half past four in the afternoon, because all the gorillas were someone on their isle where they couldn’t be seen. During the Bongo Round, the gorillas are being fed. It seems that it is the only way to see all the gorillas because most of them are hidden somewhere on their island. This is the silverback gorilla Jambo. And I think you can guess that this is the leader of the gorillas. He looks so mighty and peaceful. So amazing to see it up close!